Thursday, March 8, 2012

Would you like your wedding featured here?

Lately, I've been reading about/noticing a trend in the wedding blogosphere that is slightly disturbing to me.  Every day, all across the world, gorgeous, over the top weddings are featured on blogs.  While we all love looking at beautiful images of weddings full of expensive details, for the majority of couples tying the knot, those weddings just aren't reality.  Not every wedding takes place in some distant woods, with vintage furniture and antique chandeliers shipped in, with the whole event styled by a celebrity wedding planner.  The average couple can't afford to rent out an entire vineyard and arrive in a vintage Bentley.  Every bride can't afford to buy a designer dress or have invitations custom made.*  Some weddings are even held in hotel ballrooms and (gasp!) reception halls and are just lovely and wonderful, too.

But you know what?  Just because your wedding might be smaller, and less expensive, that doesn't make it any less special.  At the end of the day, it's all about marrying the person you love.  Your wedding should be a reflection of the two of you - your personalities, your backgrounds, your history.  Often times with smaller wedding, so much thought and feeling goes into every detail, because every detail that is chosen is more important.  Families work together to help plan these special events, offering their services as gifts.  That is so special, so memorable and sweet!  Many brides and grooms have to pay for their weddings themselves.  A lot of engaged couples make the smart decision that they don't want to start off their new marriage in debt just because they planned a wedding they couldn't really afford.  I, for one, believe that these small, special weddings have just as much right to be featured on blogs as the bigger, more expensive weddings do.

Just as the small weddings have a right to be featured, I also believe that the photographers who work so hard on these weddings should be featured as well.  I've seen way too many bad photos of beautiful, expensive weddings featured on so many blogs.  Whether a photographer is shooting some over the top affair, or a small celebration, if their work is beautiful and unique, and the image touches the viewer in some way, they deserve a chance to be featured, too.

So here's my proposal.  Photographers, if you've been turned down on other blogs because the weddings you submitted weren't big enough, expensive enough, or had enough details, submit your photos here.  Brides, if you want to show off your wedding to the world, submit your photos here.  For now, you can contact me here.  Send me a few sample pictures, along with your contact information, and I'll be back in touch with you for more information.  I will be writing up some Submission Guidelines over the next few days.  I'll post an update when the guidelines are all finished.

So send me some pictures, and let EventSpiration be the blog where your wedding or your work can shine!

*Just a side note, I have nothing personally against professional wedding planners, custom invitations, designer dresses, event stylists, etc.  I've even worked as an event planner.  I certainly do not want to offend anyone.  The point of this post is that not everyone can afford those things, especially in the current economic climate.

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