Monday, June 18, 2012

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Band

People often wonder why things seem so much more romantic or exciting in the movies.  Here’s a little secret…It’s the background music.   What would Titanic have been like without Celine Dion’s hauntingly beautiful voice?  Yes, it still would have been a beautiful love story, but the music gave you chills, touched your heart and echoed in your memory long after the film was over.  The same can be said for your wedding.  Music can make your wedding an event to remember or one your guests can’t wait to forget.

Finding the right wedding band is crucial.  Their music and interaction with your guests will set the tone for the entire evening.  If you are considering hiring a wedding band here are some things to consider and the questions you need to ask, other than discussing price, before you book them.

What type of music do you play?

You need to decide what kind of music you want at your reception.  Do you want a band that can plan traditional wedding dance music, with something included for every generation?  Or are you looking for more of a specialty band, like a jazz band, swing band or Scottish wedding band?  Narrow down what you’re looking for then meet with potential bands.  They should be able to provide you with a playlist of their music, as well as audio samples of their songs, or even a video of them performing.

Will the band leader act as emcee during the reception?

Its important that someone directs the activities during your reception.  Typically, the DJ or wedding bandleader will act as the emcee, usually being directed by your wedding planner or the site coordinator.

Will the band play different, softer music during cocktails and dinner so your guests can chat easily?

Most couples prefer the cocktail hour and dinner to be a quieter portion of the evening, with soft background music    This makes it easier for guests to relax, enjoy their food and drinks and have conversations without having to yell over loud music   Does the band have the ability to play dinner music or can they play pre-recorded music on a CD player?

How long will the band play?   How many breaks will the band take between sets?

Live bands typically do not play as long as a DJ will, and they need to take breaks during the evening.  Make sure you know how many breaks to expect and how long the band will be away during each break   Also, be sure to find out if they will play pre-recorded music during their breaks   Dead air is sure to put a damper on the party atmosphere.

Can I watch your band in action at a wedding?

All the CD’s and videos you watch of a band can’t begin to compare to seeing them live. Most bands will welcome the opportunity for you to visit while they are performing at another wedding.  This certainly doesn’t mean to crash another couple’s special day, but you can peek in from the back of the room to see and hear the band.   Is the dance floor full or empty?   How does the band relate to the guests?   These are all important points to take into consideration.

If the unimaginable happens and my wedding is cancelled, what is your policy on refunds?

As difficult as it is to think about, these things do happen.  Weddings do sometimes get called off or family emergencies force a couple to postpone their wedding. Find out up front what their policy is on cancellations and refunds and be sure that it is spelled out, word for word in the contract.

When you are just beginning your search for a wedding band, it may seem completely overwhelming  Take your time, do your research and always remember that it is your day   Finding the right band will make your wedding a day to remember – for you, your new spouse and all the guests lucky enough to celebrate with you!

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