Friday, February 24, 2012

Free (and adorable!) bridesmaid and maid of honor cards.

Free Maid of Honor Card from Dessy Group 
Free things are always good.  Finding free wedding things when you're planning your big day is even better.  Anywhere you can save money will help out your budget in some other way - you may be able to invite more guests to your reception, put away more money for your honeymoon or save more for the down payment on your first home.  Every little bit helps.  Surprisingly, there are lots of freebies out there, and when I come across high quality (and cute!) freebies, I'll highlight them in this blog.

Today as I was looking around the Internet, I ended up on a site called, the official blog of Dessy Group.  Dessy Group is well known for their bridal party fashion and accessories. offers lots of good information when planning a wedding.  I was exploring the site when I came across a topic called "DIY Bridesmaid Cards".
Free Bridesmaid Card from Dessy Group

These adorable cards are customizable in the colors of your wedding (with two colors) and are a really sweet and memorable way to invite both your maid of honor and bridesmaids to be part of your special day.  First, you select your design from ten different cards.  Next, choose the two colors for your card, from the 230 Pantone wedding colors available.  Then, you download the file to your computer and then print the card yourself.  The final images are 1650 x 1275 pixels and 72dpi.  You can resize the image to print it out on a high quality card of 5" x 4" or  6" x 4".  Very simple!

In this day and age of e-mail, Facebook and Twitter, it's so nice to get a real, handmade card with a handwritten note every now and then.  When asking someone to participate in the most important day of your life, this is the perfect opportunity to take the extra time and let these people know how important they are to you, and why you want them to share in you special day.  A handmade card with a personalized note inside would be something I'd cherish forever.

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