Friday, February 17, 2012

Free (yes, free!) wedding invitations from!

In this day and age of pop-up ads filled with spammy offers and mysterious links leading you to scams all over the Internet, it is really difficult to believe when you come across a truly free (and amazing) offer.  But in this instance, is offering a legitimate and incredible gift to engaged couples planning their weddings., an extremely useful website, well known for their online tools for party, event and wedding planning, is offering 100% free wedding invitations for engaged couples in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.  There are absolutely no hidden fees, no design fees, and no fees to be paid later on.  The invitations will be printed on 80 lb card stock and include envelopes.  This offer is good for anyone placing their orders through the end of 2012.  Click here to see the invitation and website designs.

Additionally, is offering each couple their very own wedding website, with designs available to match the invitations.  The website is the perfect way for you to share your love story, upload pictures, work on seating arrangements, link to social networks, and allow your guests to RSVP to your wedding events.

A few questions popped up after reviewing this offer from  For example, I noticed that the RSVP and Reception cards, very necessary parts of a traditional wedding invitation were not included or mentioned on the page.  I emailed Ryan at (who is incredibly helpful and wonderful to work with) to ask if these additional cards could be purchased if couples wanted them and was told they weren't available.  But there are ways to work around this.  After working in the bridal industry for many years, I have advised many budget conscious brides to add the reception information to the actual wedding invitation, rather than adding an additional Reception card.  First, it saves money on your invitation order, and second, it saves money on your postage.  Adding that little Reception card to the total weight of your invitation can sometimes push your invitation into the next postage bracket.  You can easily add in your reception information on these free invitations from

The RSVP card is another matter  you need to consider.  You definitely want to know how many people are going to be attending your wedding.  You'll need to give a final count to your caterer or reception hall.  They'll require you to pay them in advance of your event and the amount is dependant on the number of guests attending, so getting the RSVP's back is crucial.  When I brought this up with Ryan, he mentioned using their free wedding website and the RSVP option.  Just add the web address on your invitations, along with the date you'll need your RSVP.  However, we all have older family members who still aren't Internet savvy.  This option won't work for everyone.  You may want to consider adding a phone number on your invitation for RSVP's.  If you're not up for all those phone calls, (or your phone potentially ringing the day of your wedding with some guest asking for directions because your phone number is printed on the invitations - yes I could see that happening!) you could get a set of RSVP cards printed up on your own, and insert them in the envelope with your invitations when you mail them. knows how tough it is to plan a wedding in this economy, and free invitations can easily save you $600+.  Check out, not just for their free wedding invitations, but for all their wonderful wedding and event planning tools and information.

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