Sunday, February 12, 2012

Shopping for a cause.

I feel I would be remiss if I didn't mention this wonderful website for you to consider while shopping for your last-minute Valentine's day gifts (or anytime you feel like doing some online shopping).  Even though there's now less than two days left before Valentine's Day, and chances are anything you purchased wouldn't be shipped in time, I have a feeling if you bought something from The Animal Rescue Site for any animal lover on your list, you'd surely be excused for your tardiness because it's helping such a worthy cause.

The Animal Rescue Site is part of  CharityUSA which owns and operates the GreaterGood Network Stores.  Every purchase you make gives back to a worthy cause, at no extra cost to you.  When you purchase from The Animal Rescue Site, a portion of the purchase price of each item funds food for abandoned animals in shelters and sanctuaries.  Specifically, each item you purchase helps fund at least 14 bowls of food for homeless shelter animals, and helps such wonderful charities like Foundation, IFAW, Rescue Bank, and others.

The Animal Rescue Site has hundreds of items available to purchase - jewelry, clothing, pet items, household items, garden and outdoor items, just to name a few.  GreaterGood is responsible about the products they offer for sale. They offer products to help improve the world and products connected to the charities they work on.  They believe in offering fairly traded products, and never purchase products that were manufactured by child labor.  They also will never offer any products for sale that harmed people or animals in their use or manufacture, or were tested on animals, sourced from wild or endangered animals, or where animals were treated inhumanely during manufacture.

If you're going to shop anyway, you might as well help a very worthy cause.  If you're shopping for Valentine's Day and the item won't arrive in time, show up for your Valentine's Day date with a bouquet of very pretty flowers for her (or perhaps a bottle of his favorite wine or whiskey), and a heartfelt card with a color printout of the item you purchased.  Explain to your sweetheart that you're sorry the gift is late, but that you're helping homeless shelter animals with the purchase. That should be more than enough to capture his/her heart.  I know it would work on me. (By the way, you can click on The Animal Rescue Site's link once daily to help give free food and care to homeless shelter animals.)

Are there other causes near and dear to your heart?  GreaterGood has other websites, so you can shop and have your purchases benefit other issues and causes, such as hunger, breast cancer, veterans, autism, child health, rainforests and literacy.  Click here to find out more.

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