Sunday, February 12, 2012

Last minute "instant" Valentine's Day gifts

Guys - if you haven't gone shopping for your sweetheart yet, time is running out. Valentine's Day is less than two days away. Unless you want to be stuck wandering the aisles of your local convenience store in a panic on your way home from work, it's time to get your tushy in gear. Believe me, your significant other does NOT want to receive windshield washer fluid or an ice scraper again this year.

Every woman has imagined what it would be like to have a love song written in her honor. Imagine presenting your Valentine with her very own customized song, performed by none other than Joe Pizzulo, singer of one of the most romantic love songs ever, "Never Gonna Let You Go." Simply go to InstaSong, answer a few questions about your sweetie and your relationship, and your song will be created on the spot. You'll get big points for this one.

Put your love on a magazine cover! Check out Your Cover, where you can make your own personalized cover, celebrating your love, or any number of milestone events and occasions. There's an entire gallery of templates to choose from. For last minute shoppers, you can download and print your own cover, or if you have enough time, Your Cover will print a high quality copy of your design and ship it to you. Make sure you stop by your local crafts store to frame your cover, for the perfect finishing touch. Your lady will appreciate this little detail.

How about printing about some Valentine's Day "love coupons" for your sweetheart? If you're not the creative type, use the coupons provided here. Add a pretty flower bouquet and some chocolates, and a nice dinner at home (don't forget the candles and a nice movie - romantic comedy preferred), and she'll love you for the effort.

Remember, it's really not about the gift at all. It's the thought that counts. Show your Valentine you know her, and you know her heart, and she'll be happy with whatever you give her.

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