Saturday, February 11, 2012

An introduction.

For my first post, I just wanted to introduce myself, and explain a litte about how EventSpiration came to be.  For years now, I've worked in the marketing and sales fields, and in turn have planned many events, on-site promtions, trade shows and parties.  I realized that I really enjoyed the party planning aspect of my job, and I took a position as the Event Coordinator for a historic (and haunted!) inn here in Pittsburgh.  I worked with many different people and organizations, planning all sorts of events - weddings, surprise engagements, soroity parties and corporate events. I enjoyed every minute of working with my clients and meeting with their vendors.  After several years at the inn, I had to leave my position due to health reasons, but I never lost my love for event planning and entertaining.  My daily reading still consisted of wedding and party planning blogs, even though my two rescued dogs weren't planning a wedding anytime in the near future.

While searching through the internet, I came across and found out they were looking for an event planning writer for Pittsburgh.  I've always enjoyed writing, and since I had all this event planning experience, I submitted my application and thankfully I was hired.  Writing for Examiner has been amazing.  I truly enjoy every minute of it, and I've met some wonderful people because of my articles.  However, because I am the "Pittsburgh" Event Planning Examiner, I am limited to only writing about local events, people and things.  While Pittsburgh is a wonderful city full of vibrant and talented people, there are national trends and celebrities I would love to write about but can't.  So, the idea for EventSpiration was born.  This blog will give me the opportunity to spread my wings and be a little more creative.

I have also been given the title of "Pittsburgh Animal Advocacy Examiner."  From time to time you may see animal and animal-advocacy related posts here.  Animals, animal adoption and preventing abuse and cruelty are my true passions in life.  As I write this, my two dogs are laying curled against me.  I honestly don't believe that I'd be here and be able to do anything, had it not been for my two dogs after the last year and a half of my life.  I feel very strongly about giving back to them after the uncondtional love they provide me with every single day.  If you're an animal lover, I know you'll understand.  If you're not, I hope you'll bear with me and hopefully find the rest of the information I provide useful enough that you can indulge me a bit when I write about my "boys" or animal advocacy issues.