Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Alternatives to traditional wedding guest books

In the past, guest books were pretty standard at wedding receptions.  Each guest signs his or her name with a feathery pen, with no thoughts or wishes for the new couple.  While guest books are a nice way to remember who attended your wedding, most couples will put their guest book away and rarely look at it again.  Couples are now choosing unusual ways to not only remember the guests who attended their wedding, but also to have a unique and beautiful memento to display for years to come.

Memory Box with Anniversary
 Stationery from
Weddingstar has designed an absolutely beautiful way for couples to document who attended their wedding.  Their Memory Box with Anniversary Stationery actually seals away 50 special hand-written messages gathered at the wedding from family and friends.  The set includes 50 cards, each card representing an anniversary from the 1st to the 50th.  At the wedding, the couples ask family and friends to write a special and meaningful message on each card.  Then, each year on their anniversary, they open the appropriate envelope.  I can't even imagine how touching it would be to read messages years from now from a family member or friend that have been waiting, sealed and tucked away in this beautiful box, for years.  For only $89.98 this would be the perfect engagement or shower gift, or even a wedding gift (as long as its given in advance of the wedding).

Another take on the Memory Box idea from Weddingstar is the Memory Box with Well Wishing Stationery.  Beautifully designed stationery is included in the wooden box.  Wedding guests are asked to write personal messages for the newly married couple to read in the days, months and years to come.  The messages can then be saved in the beautiful box and treasured forever.

Fingerprint Guest Book Tree
from Style Unveiled
Fingerprint Guest Book Trees are a really cute way to get your guests involved and have a lovely memento to display on your wall after your wedding.  There are many places to purchase the blank tree, or you can print one from Style Unveiled here.  Simply print the tree, buy a few different colors of ink and lay everything out on a table at the wedding.  Be sure to display a sign telling people what to do - and don't forget to put out hand cleaning supplies for people to clean the ink off their fingers.

Some couples are opting for video guest books, while others have guests sign a matted photograph (usually their engagement photo or a wedding studio photograph).  There are so many different options to help remember the guests who shared your special day - the only limit is your imagination.  What are some unusual or unique alternatives to traditional guest books you've seen or used for your own wedding?

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