Monday, March 19, 2012

Celebrate The Hunger Games movie release by throwing a Hunger Games themed party!

The premiere of The Hunger Games movie.  Josh Hutcherson,
Jennifer Lawrence & Liam Hemsworth.  Photo by
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images.
Ok, I admit it.  I'm obsessed with the Hunger Games.  I fought it, I really did.  My 13 year old daughter brought the first book home from school earlier this school year, telling me how amazing it was, but it really didn't seem that interesting to me.  At Christmas, when she asked for the other two books in the trilogy for presents, and nothing else, I was intrigued.  I went shopping with my stepdad to look for the books but they were sold out at several bookstores.  My interest was growing.  Thoughts of Harry Potter and Twilight were running through my mind (other books I didn't jump on the bandwagon with until much, much later).  He did find them at a store outside of the city, along with The Hunger Games Companion.  When she unwrapped them, she was just as excited as she was when she opened the iPod Touch she had be wanting for two years.  For a teenager to be so excited about a bunch of books?  I think we all were wondering what was so special about The Hunger Games.  She spent Christmas vacation completely engrossed the books, and when she wasn't reading, she was either texting her friends about the books, or searching the internet about the upcoming movie.  When she finished all three books, she read them again....and again....and again.  I knew then they were pretty special.

I didn't get around to reading them till a few weeks ago.  I hadn't been feeling well and was so sick of television, so out of boredom I picked up the first book.  After reading the first paragraph, I was completely hooked, and within about three days I had finished all three books.  They are YA books (young adult) so they are easy to read, but the story is captivating.  Now I, like the rest of the world, find myself eagerly awaiting the release of the movie on March 23rd.  If you've read the books, you know that the Capitol (the elite governing class) forces the Districts to celebrate the Hunger Games each year.  But for all the fans who have been desperately awaiting March 23, no one will be forcing them (ok, us) to celebrate.  So, why not throw a Hunger Games movie release party?

I posted an article on Examiner about throwing a Hunger Games themed party, with ideas on food (lamb stew, squirrel or "groosling" anyone?), decorations, and even creating your own "reaping" for your guests.  As the movie release draws closer, more and more Hunger Games merchandise can be found.  If you're looking for entertainment for your party, Amazon now offers The Hunger Games:  Training Days Strategy Game for $24.99.  The game, based on the book allows players to choose Tributes from their favorites Districts and challenge each other to matches of wits and skills.  Amazon also offers The Hunger Games Jabberjay Card Game for $9.99, where each player represents a District Citizen or Capital Citizen and their identity remains secret during most of the game.  This is a game for 5-12 players, so it's great for a larger group.  Internet fan site The Hob sells Hunger Games merchandise that would be perfect for party favors or for the winner of whatever games you hold at your own party.

After browsing the boards on Pinterest, it seems I'm not the only adult to fall in love with The Hunger Games.  There are Hunger Games inspired weddings, jewelry, clothing, cookbooks, even new nail polishes inspired by the books and movie.  You can check out the boards I created here, or do your own search for hundreds of Hunger Games related results.

While we probably won't be waiting in line for the midnight opening of The Hunger Games since it's a school night, the odds are in our favor that we'll be seeing the movie this weekend.  If you haven't read the books yet, I urge you do so.  Happy Hunger Games everyone - and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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