Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wedding footwear - it's not just white satin pumps anymore

The Pink Sole by Essex Couture - not for the average bride!
Brides are making unusual and bold choices when it comes to their wedding day footwear.  Gone are the days of demure white satin pumps.  Brides are choosing shoes that show off their personalities - whether that means sexy, fun, flirty, quirky or adventurous.  Why buy a pair of white satin shoes you'll wear once and stuff in your closet and never think about again?  Brides are choosing shoes they love, with gorgeous details, unusual textures, sky high heels and bright bold colors to take their first steps into married life and beyond.  This article offers more information on wedding shoe trends, along with links to some Pinterest boards I've created for inspiration on some more unusual, bold and non-traditional wedding day footwear.  Enjoy!

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