Friday, June 22, 2012

Alternative Wedding Gift Registries

Photo courtesy of Benjamin Earwicker
The etiquette experts all agree, it's never, and I mean never proper wedding etiquette to ask for cash for a wedding present.  However...the rules are changing.  More and more couples are living together before their weddings, so registering for things like a toaster or flatwear aren't very practical.  Also, many couples are finding their finances strained when planning a wedding and trying to start a new life together - particularly if they are also trying to buy a new house. 

Along with traditional wedding gift registries, now there are a number of alternative registries that allow couples to politely ask for cash for the things they need.  Guests can help contribute to a honeymoon fund, a new house fund or even a baby fund.  What family members could resist contributing to a baby fund?  Read my article on TyingtheKnott about alternative wedding gift registries for more information.

P.S.  A follower on Twitter just mentioned to me that she and her husband actually asked for donations to charity instead of wedding gifts, which is an absolutely LOVELY thing to do on your wedding day.  I didn't specifically mention that as an option in this article, but I do discuss donations to charity in an upcoming article on throwing a "green" wedding.  (I often run of out space when I write so articles get broken up).  Many of the alternative gift registry sites I listed have an option for you to request donations be made to the charity of your choice.  To the Twitter follower who brought that to my attention, thank you for letting me know I neglected mentioning that option in this article.  I appreciate it!

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