Thursday, June 21, 2012

Make Your Wedding Unique - The New Trends in Wedding Entertainment

Photo courtesy of Roger Kirby
We've all been to what seems like a million of the same weddings.  The same ceremony, followed by the same reception with the same cocktail hour, the same dinner, the same music and dancing.  Booooorrrrrinnnnnggg.  After all the time, energy and money you spend planning your wedding, don't you want your guests to have an amazing time?  Do you really want your guests checking their watches and wondering if it's too early for them to leave?  No!  Of course you don't!

Couples today want their weddings to stand out, to be unique and remembered.  These weddings all have one thing in common - they are EVENTS.  And events are entertaining for everyone in attendance.  Check out my latest article on the Team Wedding Blog on How to Make Your Wedding Unique - The Newest Trends in Wedding Entertainment for some ideas on how to make your wedding the event everyone talks about for years to come.

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